How It Works

Easily donate your birthday by following three simple steps:

Pledge Your Birthday

Simply register by filling out the form above to get started. You will receive a personalized birthday donation page through your email shortly.

Let Everyone Know Your Birthday

Promote your big day and ask family & friends for donations instead of birthday presents by sharing your donation page through various social media websites.

Make A Difference

Celebrate how you raised funds for improved health of individuals affected by chronic diseases through the Donate Your Birthday campaign.

How It Benefits

Ask your friends and family to donate how much they wish or to:

Buy %s a Kona Coffee

Buy You a Kona Coffee ($3.25)

1 cup can help pay for one take home test kit.

Order %s a Mai Tai

Order You a Mai Tai ($7.50)

Partner with your friends and 27 Mai Tai's can pay for 1 person to get a full kidney screening.

Treat %s to a Plate Lunch

Treat You to a Plate Lunch ($22.50)

33 lunch plates can fund 1 kidney seminar.

Take %s to a Luau

Take You to a Luau ($50.00)

45 luaus can subsidize professional training conference.

Every dollar makes a difference. Celebrate your special day by improving lives.

Pledge your birthday and get an early surprise!

Receive your personalized Birthday Donation Page within minutes.  

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Make it easier for friends and family to think about what to get you this year, giving you what you truly want and encouraging them to SAVE LIVES too! Share and promote your customized Donate Your Birthday page, progress, and more through Facebook and other social media sites!

Birthday Fairies and Birthday Heroes Deserve Upgrades 

Raise the most money from your birthday fundraiser and experience a Birthday VIP party! Limo ride, dinner, and drinks on us because good hearts deserve it.  

Sharing your very own Birthday Donation Page will not just help improve lives of millions with kidney disease but also give your friends and family something in return. Everyone who donates to your birthday will receive a tax deduction as well!

Donating your birthday can help further the National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii’s programs and services in Hawaii including:

  • Free Statewide Kidney Screenings

  • Free Children's Programs and CD ROMS

  • Medical Research and Organ Donation Activities

  • Support Groups and Financial Assistance for Patients

  • Ongoing Support for Diabetes, Hypertension, Kidney and other Chronic Disease Patients.



Did You Know?

Hawaii's kidney failure rate is 30% higher than the national average.

More people die each year of Kidney Disease than Prostate Cancer and Breast Cancer combined. Diabetes and Hypertension are the two greatest contributors to kidney disease. Chances are good that you know someone with kidney disease or are even afflicted yourself. Whether or not you decide to donate your birthday, please read about the early warning signs of kidney failure and ask for a free kidney screening.  Knowing the early warning signs just might help prevent kidney failure in your life or the life of someone you love.

  Would you like to help Hawaii's only kidney charity the National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii?

About the National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii

The National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii (NKFH) is the state's leading voluntary health agency dedicated to the detection, prevention and treatment of kidney and urinary tract diseases. As an advocacy group the National Kidney Foundation helped shape legislation that allows Medicare to cover the majority costs of dialysis of the medical costs of kidney transplants. Prior to this legislation in the 1960s, many people did not survive after their kidneys failed.

Listen to Real Stories. Help Real Lives.

Turn your birthday more memorable this year by helping improve lives of kidney patients, donors, and families in Hawaii!

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) by Numbers


people in Hawaii suffer from Kidney Disease and another 100,000 are at risk


people in Hawaii are on dialysis and that number is growing every day.


people in Hawaii are on the transplant waiting list and 90% of those are awaiting a lifesaving kidney .

Want to share the gift of life by supporting the National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii’s programs on CKD awareness, prevention, and treatment?

Join the thousands of people who have already donated to the National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii!