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Kidney Cars Program - Hono Hawaii


Thank you very much for your interest in joining our "Kidney Cars" Family!

The Kidney Car Donation Program in Hono is a special way to fight kidney disease by donating your car to help further our our kidney research, awareness, treatment programs and services here in Hawaii.

Your Hono car donation funds:

  • Free Statewide Kidney Screenings

  • Free Children's Programs and CD ROMS

  • Medical Research & Organ Donation Initiatives

  • Support Groups and Financial Assistance for Patients

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How to Donate Your Car in Hono? It's Easy.


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Make a Difference

Help support and improve lives of millions with kidney disease.

Donate running or non-running cars.  Enjoy free towing.  Get maximum tax deduction.

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    National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii

    With over 200,000 Hawaii residents at serious risk of afflicted by kidney disease, your car donation in Hono helps us reach out to thousands of families each year. As we continue to increase and expand our programs and services that focus on preventing kidney disease and providing support for our kidney patients and their families, every car donation in Hono makes a difference.

    You may have heard that tax laws have changed, but one thing remains the same - DONATING YOUR CAR IS STILL A GREAT WAY TO GET A GREAT TAX DEDUCTION. Here at the National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii, we care about our donors and we are taking every step necessary to get you the best tax deduction possible.

    We look forward to hearing from you and thank you again for supporting the National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii.

    Tax Deduction

    As of January 1, 2005, the maximum tax deduction you can receive without needing notification of the Gross Selling Price (GSP) of the car sells for more than $500 and you itemize on your taxes when you may claim the GSP as the deduction. NKFH will provide notification of the tax deduction within 30 days of the sale. NKFH cannot guarantee any selling price for any car. It may take up to 60 days or longer to sell your car and for you to receive notification of your tax deduction.

    *Every donor will receive sale notification. Even if the selling price is less than $500, you may still take the maximum tax deduction of $500.

    Did You Know?

    Hawaii's kidney failure rate is 30% higher than the national average.

    Chances are good that you know someone with kidney disease or are even afflicted yourself.

    Whether or not you decide to donate your car, please read about the early warning signs of kidney failure and ask for a free kidney screening.

    Knowing the early warning signs just might help prevent kidney failure in your life or the life of someone you love.


    Other Ways to Help

    Would you like to help Hawaii's only kidney charity the National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii?   
    Donate your car to the Kidney Car Program in Hono or make the following charitable donations today! 

    You may also enjoy tax deduction by donating real estate, stocks or including us in your will.
    Call (808) 589-5961 for details. Participate in our many special events. Go to for listings.